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Cedric BurnsideCedric Burnside

Cedric Burnside

2022 Grammy Award Winner and 3x nominee
2021 NEA National Heritage Fellow

Tuesday, April 23rd, 2024

Doors 7:00PM | Starts 7:30PM

$35 Advance Ticket | $45 Preferred Seating | $45 Day of Show

The blues is music for all time—past, present, and future—and few artists simultaneously exemplify those multiple temporal moments of the genre like North Mississippi’s CEDRIC BURNSIDE. The Mississippi Hill Country blues guitarist and singer/songwriter contains within him the legacy and future of the region’s prescient sound stories. At once African and American and southern and Mississippian, these stories tell about love, hurt, connection, and redemption in the South. His newest contribution to this tradition is I Be Trying, a 13-track album treatise on life’s challenges, pleasures, and beauty. “Life can go any kind of way,” Burnside says. With almost 30 years of performing and living blues in him, he would know.

Burnside’s blues inheritance, the North Mississippi Hill Country blues, is distinct from its Delta or Texas counterparts in its commitment to polyrhythmic percussion and its refusal of familiar blues chord progressions. Often, and especially in Burnside’s care, it leads with extended riffs that become sentences or pleas or exclamations, rendering the guitar like its West African antecedent, the talking drum. Riffs disappear behind and become one with the singer’s voice, like the convergence of hill and horizon in the distance. Sometimes they become the only voice, saying what the singer cannot conjure the words for. Across some nine individual and collaborative album projects, Burnside’s voice eases seamlessly into, through, and behind the riffs spirit gifts him, carrying listeners to a deep Mississippi well. There is mirror there in the water of that well, in Burnside’s music, that shows us who and what we have been, who we are, and what we might be if we look and heed.

Opener: JoJo Stockton
Roanoke Bluesman JoJo “no pick” Stockton brings his unique playing style and original tunes to the show! Stockton has opened for such artists as Cedric Burnside, Adrian Crutchfield, Delbert McClinton, Rueben Studdard, and Albert Castiglia to name a few