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Lara TaubmanLara Taubman

Lara Taubman

Lara Taubman's music falls gracefully under the folk genre but within are inspirations of rock and country music, urban street music, and the hill music of the Appalachian mountains where she grew up.

About Lara's latest album, "Ol' Kentucky Light":

"I have come to understand the songs on “Ol’ Kentucky Light”, as my personal immersion into surrender, mercy and love. Being from the South and my roots in Appalachian music are not far from classic gospel music. The two kinds of music have always intermingled historically. In a way, these new songs have brought me closer to my southern background but in a deeper, more spiritual way. I now understand my journey of making music as one of surrender, more and more I surrender. To make this album, I had to commit to the decision to let the music do my work, stop trying so hard to control everything. Surrender to the music and let it come to me and shape me, the music and my experience of it both within me and outside of me in the world. I truly hope that is what I did on this project and that I can share my experience with listeners.

“Ol’ Kentucky Light” could not have had a better birthplace than my current home of New York City. NYC is my creative home, where I have always gone to make things. I am grateful that I got to make this music in collaboration on this album with Steven Williams, Paul T. Frazier, Walter Parks and Etienne Lytle at Atomic Sound Recording Studios in Red Hook, Brooklyn. It was truly one of the most integrated and enlightened experiences of my life. I am ever grateful to them and grateful to the universe that I found them."


Sunday, July 9th 2023

Doors 7:00PM | Starts 7:30PM

$12 ADV | $15 Day of Show