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The R.E.A.L. Funny Comedy FestivalThe R.E.A.L. Funny Comedy Festival

The R.E.A.L. Funny Comedy Festival

The R.E.A.L. FUNNY Comedy Festival hits The Spot on Kirk with five featured comedians!

**Seating capacity is limited so get your tickets early!!**

L.A. Josh Preston is the host and producer of The R.E.A.L. (Raw Entertaining Authentic Lasting) Funny Comedy Show. He has opened up for Chris Thomas (The Mayor of Rap City) and Barbara Carlyle (Netflix, They Ready with Tiffany Haddish). When L.A. isn't doing comedy, he has a weekly podcast called "The PoDCash". Mr. Preston is also part of an improv group called The Big Lick Conspiracy.

Travis Stevenson - It’s not easy to transition from East Tennessee Trailer Trash to a Wannabe Hipster, but Just like a vegan Slim-Jim, stand Up Comedian Travis Stevenson is attempting to do just that. Travis found his way to the stage 2 years ago and quickly became one of the fastest growing comedians in the region, even winning “Bristol’s Funniest”. Travis draws inspiration from growing up  in the Middle of Nowhere Appalachia to deliver fast paced comedy, hilarious stories, and social commentary all while trying to shake the stigma of growing up poor.

Brandi Augustus is a comedian and radical storyteller who shares her truths in a hilariously relatable way which is probably why she was voted Knoxville's Finest Comedian. Brandi has opened for Katherine Blandford and Sam Tallent and she headlines throughout the southeast.

Meredith Kerr is an integral part of the Bristol, VA, comedy scene and frequently delivers laughs in regional places like Johnson City, Asheville, and Wytheville.

Toron Rodgers of Williamson, NC is a sought out comedian and filmmaker. Experiencing his first open mic in 2018, his talent catapulted him into sharing stages with notable comedians such as, Michael Colyer, Jay Anthony Brown, and Tara Brown. He has hosted and featured in iconic venues to include Raleigh Improv, Goodnights Comedy Club, and The Blue Note. Toron's dedication to humor is only sustained by his fondness for film. He has written, produced and acted under his company, Nine25 Productions. His most acclaimed work is a summertime comedy entitled, Hard Tymes. Ultimately, Toron's business and free time is spent pursuing his passion, to impact the world through laughter; one chuckle, giggle and smile at a time.

Friday, September 13th, 2024
Doors 7:30PM | Starts 8:00PM
$20 Advance | $25 Day of Show